Koltai & Company designs and manages programs to spur entrepreneurship around the world.

As architects and general contractors for programs that bolster entrepreneurship ecosystems, KolCo works with clients who seek to strengthen entrepreneurial activity in a city, region, country, or continent.

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Why Entrepreneurship Development?

Entrepreneurship is the single biggest driver of job creation and economic growth in any economy, which in turn are the underpinnings of political stability and healthy societies. In the U.S., new firms create three million jobs every year, while in emerging markets small- and medium-sized firms account for 97 percent of all jobs. Whether it is helping post-conflict states recover, reigniting growth in stagnant economies, or uncovering new investment opportunities, entrepreneurship development plays a critical role.

Robust entrepreneurial ecosystems contribute additional benefits to communities, including increased commercialization of innovation, which can be harnessed to address pressing social problems. Entrepreneurship provides new opportunity, creating paths for social mobility and thereby empowering disenfranchised groups and including them in the benefits of growth.

The Six + Six Entrepreneurship Ecoysystem Model

The Six + Six Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Model

KolCo’s strategy for entrepreneurship development rests on the premise that no single factor alone moves entrepreneurship forward. Rather, entrepreneurs thrive when multiple sectors and actors consciously work together to develop a supportive environment for entrepreneurship.

This concept is embodied by KolCo’s Six + Six Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Model, which highlights the six fundamental actions required to build a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem: Identify, Train, Connect & Sustain, Fund, Enable, and Celebrate entrepreneurs; and the six participants who must be involved in their implementation: NGOs, Corporations, Foundations, Government, Academic Institutions, and Investors.

We believe that only through this comprehensive, holistic approach can true progress toward a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem be achieved.

Meet the Team

The KolCo team is a group of experienced professionals passionate about creating environments where entrepreneurs can succeed. We rely on a network of personal and professional connections with entrepreneurs and on our experiences with entrepreneurship promotion, start-ups, and international development.

  • Steven Koltai

    Steven Koltai

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    Steven Koltai created and ran the Global Entrepreneurship Program for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a central element of President Obama’s strategy for changing the relationship between the U.S. and Muslim communities around the world. He left the State Department to continue the work of global entrepreneurship ecosystem building via Koltai & Company. Steven is currently a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution.

    Steven has over 30 years of business experience with several successful startups under his belt, including SES, the world’s largest commercial TV satellite system, and Event411, an online event management business which he founded, grew to over 250 employees, and sold in 2002. He has also served as Senior Vice President for Strategy and Corporate Development at Warner Bros., as a strategic planning consultant at McKinsey & Co., and as an investment banker at Salomon Bros. Steven is an active angel investor and mentor to entrepreneurs around the world.

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  • Matt Muspratt

    Matt Muspratt

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    Matt has worked for a decade on West African development, specializing in helping young, innovative companies and organizations navigate operational, legal, and financial challenges in the region. Prior to joining KolCo, Matt headed the legal departments for ProCredit Holding AG financial institutions in West Africa and advised Sierra Leonean legal aid group Timap for Justice. Matt holds degrees from Carleton College, Yale University, and the University of Michigan Law School.

    Read more on Matt’s LinkedIn Profile.

  • Ken Hynes

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    Ken Hynes has over 15 years experience helping entrepreneurs and SMEs successfully compete in an increasingly demanding global marketplace. Ken has led strategy, coaching, and training engagements in the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America and has extensive experience in the areas of business strategy, product development, marketing, value-chain integration, and access to credit. Ken recently launched Artha Networks Inc., a company dedicated to facilitating investment in emerging market SMEs, and has published a number of articles, essays, and case studies on the topic of competitiveness and innovation. Ken is graduate of the Tufts Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

  • Susan Amat

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    Dr. Susan Amat is the founder of Venture Hive in Miami, Florida, an entrepreneurship education company that supports governments and municipalities in developing innovation ecosystems through K-12, university, and incubator/accelerator programs. A serial entrepreneur, Susan has built businesses in the entertainment industry, developed pediatric health monitoring products, and founded The Launch Pad, a top model for entrepreneurship education that was replicated throughout the U.S. as Blackstone LaunchPads. Susan holds a BA, MBA, and PhD from the University of Miami.

  • Samantha LaPierre

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    Samantha LaPierre has four years of experience working in business development and entrepreneurship promotion with an emphasis on the Middle East & North Africa region and female empowerment.  Samantha’s practical experience in the field began in Amman, Jordan, where she worked for a leading provider of entrepreneurship training for Arab youth.  Samantha also has experience in impact investing and applied research of entrepreneurial ecosystems.  Samantha is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College and is currently working towards her Masters degree from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs.
  • Vanessa Holcomb Mann

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    Vanessa Holcomb Mann has over ten years of experience in finance and global development. Recently, Vanessa’s career has focused on emerging and developing market development, investment, and entrepreneurship. As a member of USAID’s Private Capital Group for Africa, she was instrumental in sourcing over $20 billion in private sector investment commitments to increase generation and access to affordable energy in sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining USAID, Vanessa was a Presidential Management Fellow with U.S. Department of State, where she worked with Steven to build and launch the Global Entrepreneurship Program. Vanessa is a graduate of Middlebury College and holds a Masters degree from Duke University.

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