Our clients are national and sub-national governments, parastatal institutions concerned with growth and investment, multilateral organizations, corporations, foundations, universities, and private investors, including venture funds, angel investors, and family offices.

They share our keen interest in entrepreneurship, for reasons that range from generating jobs and economic growth, to speeding the commercialization of innovation, to developing startup deals for investors and business development purposes.

If you are interested in discussing how you can create programs to effect real change in boosting entrepreneurship in a particular location (city, state/province, or country), please contact us for an initial conversation.

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How We Work

Typically, KolCo works with clients in a three-step process:

Diagnosis - Design - Implementation


KolCo surveys a particular entrepreneurship landscape across the pillars of our Six + Six Model.


Based on the information collected in the diagnostic phase, KolCo identifies, designs, and sources tailored entrepreneurship programming to meet client needs.


In the final phase, KolCo assists clients in the rollout and execution of programming diagrammed in the design phase.

Programming Initiatives

Below are examples of programming initiatives KolCo designs and implements for its clients:

Incubator Development: KolCo arranges extended mentorship relationships with startups and designs investment/support opportunities with established incubators and accelerators.

Entrepreneurship Delegations: KolCo organizes groups of accomplished entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to visit a country and help stimulate and grow its entrepreneurship ecosystem. These visits usually involve a high-profile business plan competition where delegates meet, mentor, and potentially invest in local entrepreneurs.

Angel Investor Training: KolCo executes trainings to help current and potential angel investors develop a more informed understanding of the investment process and benefits of using angel investor groups to evaluate and syndicate deals.

Entrepreneurship Journalism Training: KolCo offers local journalists – who typically do not have experience covering startups – the foundational knowledge and skills to write about local entrepreneurs in their country.

Client Case Studies

  • WB-infoDev logos

    KolCo is partnering with IMC Worldwide to implement components of the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) run by infoDev, a program of The World Bank Group. Under EPIC, KolCo is working on the Accelerate Caribbean project and is identifying and mentoring promising business enablers (e.g. incubator and accelerator programs) across more than a dozen Caribbean countries. KolCo staff are conducting needs assessments, designing clinics and curricula for incubator managers, and providing one-on-mentoring and workshops for leading entrepreneurship ecosystem actors in the Caribbean region. The project also includes a “study tour” with stops in Florida, to attend the International Conference on Business Incubation, and Toronto, to visit leading incubator programs. The aim of the project is to bolster entrepreneurship in the Caribbean by ensuring business enablers are able to serve their client entrepreneurs with high-quality services and support.

  • DFID logo

    The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) retained KolCo to perform a diagnostic of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ghana. KolCo staff spent two months in the West African nation speaking with entrepreneurs, local and foreign investors, and other ecosystem players such as accelerator programs, shared workspace hubs, and capacity-building programs. Using our Six + Six Model as an analytical framework, KolCo assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the ecosystem and presented DFID with a literature review of entrepreneurship in Ghana as well as high-level recommendations for pro-entrepreneurship programming. KolCo’s work was the first phase of a major entrepreneurship initiative DFID is considering rolling out in several African nations.

  • Artha Logo

    Artha Networks, Inc. is dedicated to increasing the flow of investment capital to social entrepreneurs and businesses in emerging economies. Through its exclusive online platform, Artha provides technical advisory services and a network of relationships to improve the efficiency of capital allocation, increase deal flow, and provide support for founders in maximizing the success of their enterprises. Artha has been successful in engaging large family offices and impact investor networks at local and regional levels throughout India, and, with the help of KolCo, will expand to Latin American markets in 2013.


  • Turkish Flag

    KolCo’s longest standing client is Turkey, where we have been working with the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) for over a year in developing a full range of entrepreneurship promotion programs. TEPAV is a think tank affiliated with the country’s largest business organization, the Union of Turkish Chambers of Commerce (TOBB), and is focused on economic, governance, and foreign policy issues. TEPAV also serves as the local secretariat for the U.S. Department of State-sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Program Turkey (GEP-TR).

    In May 2012, KolCo worked with TEPAV to organize the fifth and largest Entrepreneurship Delegation (EDEL) to date. The program brought leading American entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to Turkey for networking, business plan competition, and mentoring events, and yielded 30 potential investments in Turkish start- ups with $100,000 committed in financing before the end of the EDEL.

  • Satellite Dish

    A major American technology company retains KolCo to help shape its global economic development activities, which include a significant commitment to programs that spur innovation and entrepreneurship in various countries around the world.